Premiered July 13th -August 2nd, 2018

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

The Flamboyan at the Clemente

Produced by Theatrical Gems


SYNOPSIS:A groups of friends come back together to look back at their last year of college.  The relationships, the heartbreak, the anxiety, and the one night that changed their lives forever.

Director: Kristen Keim

Assoc. Director: Kat Moreno

Stage Manager: Adam Sherwin

Production Manager: Michael Hagins

Original Music by: Anthony Serino


Alex Andrews as Carrie

Josh Bartosch as Bradley

Cassandra Borgella as Mary

Alana Dachille as Karla

Lauren Gunn as Kimberley

Alice Hale as Maggie

James Johnston as Ross

Kate Elaine Jones as Catherine

Sam Lopresti as David

Devonte McCray as Kurt

Jordan Merimee as Mark

Kat Moreno as Dina

Canning Robb as Stacey

Premiered August 15th - 29th, 2015

New York International Fringe Festival

Celebration of Whimsy Theater

Produced by Theatrical Gems


SYNOPSIS: A man in the middle of a bank robbery and a woman lost in the middle of nowhere. Will these once-lovers be able to find each other and rekindle their love?

Director: Paul Morris (Part 1), Kristen Keim (Part 2) Prerna Bhatia (Part 3)

Assoc. Director: Cassandra Lewis

Stage Manager: Casey Buttari

Fight Choreography: Michael Hagins


Matt Sydney as Mark

Julia Yarwood as Maggie

Vanessa Morales as Penny

Nikita Francois as Bank Teller/Waitress

Leanne Gonzalez-Singer as Laura/Mother

Vincent Iannuzzi as Thief/Jacob

Dov Lebowitz-Nowak as Danny/Doctor

Mark Levy as Guard/Clown

Premiered August 8th - 22nd, 2014

 New York International Fringe Festival

 The Theater at the 14th St Y.

Produced by Theatrical Gems

SYNOPSIS: The Night Siren is a vigilante hero by night, a struggling dancer by day.  When a fellow dancer is killed in a hit-and-run, she must race to find the killer, and possibly redefine justice. 

Original music by Anthony Serino, Alayna Whitten

Director: Trisha Arnold

Choreography by Ashley DeLane Burger

Fight Choreography: Michael Hagins

Lighting Design: Sparky Eberle


Brooke Mullen as Karla/The Night Siren

Ashley DeLane Burger as Alison       Kayla Eisenberg as Vi            James Elwood as Charles                    Marteena Morano as Mary      Corey Moreno as Tino Bami             Adam Pagdon as Det. Richards     John Pope as Kurt                               Tyler Strickland as Harland


Timothy Chan as Man in Suit           Daniella Garafalo as Sadie/Thug

Victoria Kite as Newscaster                Brett Radek as Rich

Steven Ringwald as Fritz/Thug         Natalie Wagner as Kimberly

Premiered Dec 5th-22nd 2013

Winner of the 10th Annual New Jersey Playwrights Contest

William Patterson University 

SYNOPSIS: After five years in a catatonic state, Catherine’s condition is about to change thanks to an inexperienced nurse, a conflicted sister, and a crazy patient with ideas of her own.

Director: Edward Matthews

Stage Manager: Shari Selke

Scenic Design: Bill Motyka

Lighting Design: Brian Collins

Costume Design: Carol Sherry

Sound Desogn: Theo Metz


Amy Edelstein as Daphne

Erika Longo as Nurse Beatty

Lauren Muraski as Catherine

Iraisa Ann Reilly as Stacey






in the


Premiered Aug 14th - Aug 24th 2012

New York International Fringe Festival

Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre

Produced by Theatrical Gems

SYNOPSIS: After the death of her mother, a young artist on the verge of personal and financial collapse becomes obsessed with her work. But what happens when the paint starts to run dry, and reality starts to set in?

Director: Michael Hagins

Original Artwork by Elana Celano


Katherine Mullis as Maggie

Erica Jensen as Penny 

Tavis Doucette as Klaus Coleman

Imran W. Sheikh as Danny

Premiered Aug 18th - Aug 27th 2009

New York International Fringe Festival

Connelly Theater

SYNOPSIS: When a Chinese food deliveryman (who's not even Chinese) stumbles upon a murder scene, he's is thrown into a media tailspin where race and perception suddenly mean everything

Director: Eliana Rantz

Casting Associate: Jacob Shoesmith-Fox

Production Associate: Claudia Stuart


Michael Rosete as Dale

Rebecca De Ornelas as Karla

Ken Shwarz as Det. Richards

John Scamardella as Officer Maw

Tony Castellanos as Tino Bami

Premiered Apr 30th - May 2nd 2008

Manhattan Repertory Theatre

SYNOPSIS: Two strangers, Mark and Colleen, meet by accident and feel mysteriously connected to each other.  Is there a higher power involved?  Has fate brought these two together?  Or have these two New Yorkers discovered that real modern-day magic might actually exist?

Director: Joshua Key-Maginnis


Tommy Waltz as Mark

Erica Jensen as Colleen

Liz Wentworht as Sadie

Alan Pagano as Phil

Katie Flannery as the Waitress