When Skylar, a trans high school student, ends up in the hospital after being attacked at a school dance, their girlfriend, father, and teacher consider the events that led them there 

Led by queer director Kristen Keim, the cast features Sam Lopresti as David, Skylar’s teacher; Kaitlyn Gill as Pamela, Skylar’s activist girlfriend; Eric Novak as Adam, Skylar’s religious father, Dana Scurlock as the Nurse, Mark Levy as Vice Principal Gonzalez, Ashton Garcia as Scott, a football player, and Eli Denson as the titular Skylar, a trans teen.
What is notable about the casting of this play focused on LGBTQ+ issues is not only Skylar being portrayed by trans genderqueer actor Denson, but also the role of Scott, a traditionally cis role, is being portrayed by transmasculine actor Garcia.
Skylar is a chapter in Jonathan G Galvez's 16 play Bridge Series.
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